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Koalas in Australia are in trouble.

Koalas are so much more than just a part of our cultural identity and lifestyle. They’re vital to our economy and play an important role in the health of our ecosystems. But habitat loss, life-threatening diseases and rampant bushfires have pushed them to the brink.

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The problem

Infective diseases such as Chlamydia, Retrovirus (KoRV) and Mange all impact survival greatly. The highly selective nature of their diet (only a handful of eucalypt species are edible) and that their habitat exists prominently in urban and agricultural growth regions also contributes to the decline of the koala.

Koala CWP
One of the 'golden children' at Cleland Wildlife Park

The solution

Koala Life is leading a collaborative survival strategy, supported by the best science and research to ensure koalas do not disappear within our lifetime. And because a future without koalas is unthinkable, ensuring their survival and long-term sustainability right now (not tomorrow) is an urgent priority.

Our collaborative efforts are already making a huge difference in the fight to save koalas. Whether it’s raising funds and sharing knowledge, know-how and research, everything we do, we do together, as one.

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We need research – and lots of it