Our partners

Creating game changing partnerships in survival science

Koala Life is a leading voice in koala conservation. Together with our partners, Koala Life is helping to connect and support an international network of koala experts.

Our network also involves volunteers and supporters as well as scientists, politicians, universities and organisations.

Koala Life helps to link researchers across a range of institutes (local, national and international) and government agencies to collaborate and share research, findings, techniques and management strategies to bridge knowledge gaps and secure the long-term management of koalas across Australia.

If you would like to be a research partner, download our research prospectus.

Our partners

Our patrons and ambassadors

Koala Life is also supported by patrons and ambassadors. These individuals promote the organisation and its work, and provide financial and practical support reflecting the skills, connections and talents of each of these special supporters.

International patrons

Ceawlin Thynn, Marquess of Bath

Chairman, Longleat Enterprises (Longleat)


Ian Drummond

Ian Drummond is an entrepreneur and environmentalist who has a background in education and current business interests in tourism in the Northern Territory and South Australia. Ian was inaugural chair of the Koala Life Board from July 2019 to December 31st 2021. Ian oversaw the creation of the Foundation including the establishment of IKCE, obtaining the Golden Children colony, the creation of facilities at Cleland, the renaming and rebranding as Koala Life and the establishment of the entity.

Professor Kris Helgen

Professor Kristofer M. Helgen is Chief Scientist and Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI). Kris holds additional academic appointments at the University of New South Wales, the Natural History Museum (London), the Bishop Museum (Hawaii), the South Australian Museum (Adelaide), and George Mason University (Virginia).

Teresa Palmer

Actress, Writer, Producer and Director

Phil Liggett

Public Commentator and Conservation Advocate

Trish Liggett

Wildlife and Conservation Advocate

Jeremy Boot

Australian Wildlife Artist

Melanie Cooper

Director of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Coopers Brewery Ltd

Parry Agius

Community and Business Leader

Adam Hills

Entertainer (Comedian)

Joanna Collins


Tim Jarvis

Adventurer and Environmentalist

Richard Collins

Business Leader and Philanthropist

Mr Graeme Dick

As head of Animal Adventures, at Longleat safari Park Graeme Dick has been an enormous supporter of Koala Life since koalas were sent to Longleat Safari Park in October 2018. Graeme visited Cleland as a support worker during the fires of 2019/20 and was involved in the establishment of the Golden Children colony. Graeme managed fundraising events in Longleat Safari Park leading to large donations in 2021. In October 2021, Graeme took up the position of Director of Zoo Operations Jersey Zoo, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, UK. Jersey Zoo is world renown as a conservation entity, established by one of the world’s great natural history writers and conservationists, Gerald Durrell. Graeme as an Ambassador will continue to grow our International profile.