Partner Profile: SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management)

28 Jun. 2022 5 min read

Koala Life (then the International Koala Centre of Excellence) started working together with SAVEM during the horrific fires of 2019/20. SAVEM is an official emergency response agency in the State Emergency Management Plan, working under the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA and had been activated for the Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island fires.

Dr Rachel Westcott is the SAVEM Coordinator and called upon Prof Chris Daniels and Dr Ian Hough for help streamlining the triage and treatment of fire affected koalas. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of a disease-free colony of koalas, held at Cleland Wildlife Park.

Since then, SAVEM and Koala Life have strengthened their relationship through training exercises and the establishment of a home base for Koala Life. A mutually beneficial partnership which promises to yield more positive outcomes for wildlife in South Australia.

You can read more about SAVEM here.