Koala Bob Is On The Loose

14 Dec. 2022 5 min read

Families over the weekend were treated to two wonderful performances of Koala Bob Is On The Loose, backed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. This inspiring piece of children's theatre is based on the stories of Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall. Koala Bob teams up with Professor Wombat, Angelina Wallaby, Lady Beatrice Bandicoot, Bobbin the Bilby and Go-Go Goanna as they strive to save their home from destruction.

Koala Life believes that for longer term success for koala conservation, education, awareness and reconnection with the natural world around us is required. What a better way to do that than with an inspiring piece of musical theatre!

Koala Life would like to extend a big thank you to the major sponsors:

  • The Hosking Foundation
  • Green Adelaide
  • Adelaide National Park City
  • Bec Hardy Wines

You can listen to the songs of Koala Bob Is On The Loose on Spotify here.

Image credit: Roy Vandervegt