Annual Appeal 2021 - Support Survival Science

07 Jun. 2021 5 min read

With your help, Koala Life supports critical research to protect and ensure the ongoing survival of the koala. Researchers are supported and provided access to Koala Life's colony of KoRV negative and Chlamydia-free animals established at Cleland Wildlife Park - the 'Golden Children'. This colony is the only one of its type in the world and is immensely valuable both as a research tool to develop treatments and cures for the koala diseases, and for providing a colony of animals to support many other types of study.

In 2020 IKCE (now Koala Life) actively supported (financially, in-kind and through the activation of the colony of Golden Children) 5 major and several smaller research projects undertaken by DEW and Cleland staff and researchers from South Australia, Australia and internationally.

To continue this research, we need your help. Your fully tax deductible contribution will help us fund collaborative research into survival science, and support our very special colony of Golden Children.

Please support Koala Life today. Together, we can lead a collaborative survival strategy, supported by the best science and research to ensure koalas do not disappear within our lifetime.

Donate to our 2021 Annual Appeal here.

"Koala Life offer a bridge between science and conservation measures, and ensure that as scientists we have access to the best knowledge on koalas... Without their support, none of the research would be possible." - Dr. Diane Colombelli-Negrel, researcher at Flinders University